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Punching bag and gloves kit

This convenient boxing kit includes a black/red heavy bag, which is stuffed with a custom filling of natural and synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand for a homogeneous feel. Also included are genuine leather gloves and a chain. A heavy-duty beam hanger made from solid steel material ensures safety and stability.

Features and Benefits

✅ Material

The fine quality material , for both the bag and gloves provides no tear.  and this exclusive material helps this product take the severest of hits and still last long without getting deformed.

✅ Performance

This lightweight sturdy leather is crafted to perfection to ensure your junior champs throw in relentless blows and strikes, enhancing their stamina and endurance.

✅ Multifunctional

This kit is great for multi-boxing practice such as MMA, Muay Thai and other fitness training at home or at the gym. The perfect workout for consistent cardio, improving muscle strength and increasing speed. 

✅ Installation

Simply mount the device, attach the hooks to the bag and hang it up. Effortlessly install whether you’re at home or the gym! 

Package Includes:

1x Sandbag

1x hook

1x gloves

1x chain